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Calls Blacklist PRO

1 usd

Call blocker, and also effective SMS blocker. It blocks unwanted calls and spam messages. You can add any number to the blacklist or enable one of blocking options: "Private numbers", "Unknown numbers" or "All calls". Also you can block calls or messages by prefix. This app is easy to use, lightweight and provides wide range of functions.
Features:- Blacklist (list of calls or SMS, you want to block).- Schedule.- Whitelist (never block list).- Journal of blocked calls and messages.- One click ON/OFF call blocker or SMS blocker.- Blocking of unknown and private numbers.- Blocking by prefix ("Begins with" option).- Password protection.- Blacklist saving and loading.
Advantages:- Robust call blocker.- Works on all devices.- Easy to use.- Lightweight.
PRO version advantages:- Password protection.- Schedule by days of the week.- No ads.You can try the free version before you buy this application.